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Steering Committee - management team

Dr. Lionel Mourey.

Dr. Lionel Mourey has 25 years of experience in the field of structural biology. He is Senior Researcher at CNRS and head of the structural biophysics team and of the macromolecular crystallography facility at the Institute of Pharmacology and Structural Biology where he is also deputy director of the structural biology and biophysics department. His main competences are in the field of biochemistry, biophysics and structural biology, involving work with X-ray crystallography of biological macromolecules, including therapeutic targets, and their complexes. He has published 60 original articles in international journals and contributed to the determination of 50 structures deposited with the protein data bank.

- Prof. Alain Milon

Pr. Alain Milon is the head of the NMR team and of the NMR platform at IPBS. His research group “NMR and membrane - protein interactions” is specialized in structural biology, membrane biophysics, and ligand screening and design. Using high-resolution liquid-state NMR, his group solved the 3D structures of membrane proteins in detergent micelles and of protein-DNA complexes. Using solid-state NMR (2H, 15N, 13C, 31P NMR, in static and MAS modes) he his specialist of analyzing the structure and dynamics of membrane components, lipids, sterols and membrane peptides and proteins.

- Dr. Yves Génisson

Dr. Y. Génisson, CNRS Research Director, head of the SPCMIB laboratory, has a recognized expertise in the field bioorganic chemistry of biologically active natural compounds. He possesses a longstanding experience of collaborative work with biologists in the field of antitubercular and anticancer compounds. His group is notably working on the chemistry bioactive lipids. He developed several programs on anticancer therapeutic approaches based on the perturbation of sphingolipid metabolism in collaboration with Prof. T. Levade. Recently, Dr. Yves Génisson developed with the PICT platform the first HTR-FRET assay for the binding to CERT protein as part of a precursory research program dedicated to the in silico and in vitro identification of ligands of this uncommon sphingolipid transporter. He is also developing in collaboration with Pr. Remi Chauvin and Dr. Patrick Calsou of bio-inspired the bioorganic chemistry of antitumor acetylenic lipids bearing unprecedented chiral aklkynylcarbinol pharmacophores. The analytical chemistry facilities of the PICT platform proved key to the development of this project.

- Prof. Magali Remaud-Siméon

Magali Remaud-Simeon is professor at INSA Toulouse (Institut National des Sciences appliquées) and head of the Catalysis and Enzyme Molecular Engineering at LISBP (Laboratoire d'Ingénierie des Systèmes Biologiques et Procédés). Her research activities focus on enzyme engineering for white biotechnology, green chemistry, food/feed industries and synthetic biology. They cover enzyme structure/activity relationship studies and evolution via rational and combinatorial approaches. She specifically targets the integration of tailored enzymes in chemo-enzymatic cascades, new metabolic pathways or enzymatic processes. She has published 134 articles in peer-review journals and is co-inventor of 18 patents.

- Dr. Virginie Nahoum

Dr. Virginie Nahoum is the project/technical manager of the platform PICT. She has more than 14 years of experience in the field of biochemistry, biophysics and structural biology and has worked for different research groups in France and in North America (USA and Canada).

- Prof. Laurent Maveyraud

Prof. Laurent MAVEYRAUD (Université Paul Sabatier), is dedicated to the structural characterization of proteins of pharmaceutical interest for many years (β-lactamases, staphylococcal leukotoxins, and emerging drug targets of M. tuberculosis). He developed a strong expertise in the structural characterization of protein-ligand complexes. Director of PICT (Plateforme Intégrée de Criblage de Toulouse), he is also involved in the identification and characterization of new ligands for pharmaceutical targets. He contributed to the determination of 45 structures at the Protein Data Bank.


Scientific Committee

The scientific committee is composed of the management team and experts in the different fields:
- Prof. Pierre Monsan.

- Prof. Adam Nelson.

- Prof. Christian Roumestand, is a structural biologist. He is professor at the University of Montpellier 1 and researcher at the “Centre de Biochimie Structurale”.

- Dr. Pascal Villa, is a Research engineer at CNRS. He is director of the Platform of Integrative Biological Chemistry (PCBIS) of Strasbourg.

- Dr. Didier Rognan, is Senior Researcher at CNRS and  heads the Laboratory of Structural Chemogenomics at Faculty of Pharmacy (Strasbourg). He is mainly interested in all aspects (method development and applications) of protein-based drug design and virtual screening.

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